5 Common Tree Diseases to Watch Out for in South Carolina

tree diseases

If you live in South Carolina and have trees on your property, it pays to know the common tree diseases that affect trees, so you can identify and treat infected trees promptly. Here, we examine five of the most common tree diseases seen by the arborists at Schneider Shrub and Tree Care tree services in Easley, […]

How Much Water Does a Tree Need?

How much water does a tree need? Give it too much, and the roots may suffocate, but give it too little, and it will dry out and die. If you need help finding the proper balance for your tree, Schneider Shrub and Tree Care can help. As a leading tree service company in Hendersonville, NC, we […]

Know the Right and Wrong Tree Trimming Techniques

tree trimming techniques

Everyone loves a tidy yard, but many people don’t realize that proper tree trimming can make all the difference in achieving that desired outcome. Understanding the proper techniques to use when trimming trees can ensure that any trees on your property are healthy and growing.  When you need tree service, contractors in Spartanburg, SC, Schneider Shrub […]

Do You Save or Remove a Partially Uprooted Tree?

partially uprooted tree

Trees bring homeowners many joys. Besides adding beautiful colors, trees provide shade, cleaner air, and sometimes even bear fruit. Trees are also very resilient; most of the time, you only need to deal with a few broken branches.  However, severe damage from strong winds or violent rainstorms may lead to a partially uprooted tree. Losing […]

Where Do Trees Get Their Nutrients?

where do trees get their nutrients

Plants, like animals, need nutrients to survive. Since they lack mouths, you may be asking, “where do trees get their nutrients?” A process called photosynthesis converts acquired nutrients to fuel for trees, but first the trees must get those nutrients in the first place. Let’s discuss what happens in the background to help a tree […]

Can a Diseased Tree Be Saved: When Is it too Late?

can a diseased tree be saved

It’s a common question that many property owners have: “Can a diseased tree be saved?” The answer, unfortunately, is not always black and white. Many factors go into whether or not we can save a dying tree, and it simply comes down to the tree’s age, health, and location. This blog post will explore when […]

5 Drought Tolerant Trees in South Carolina

drought tolerant trees

The days are longer, the temperatures are rising, and your garden is thirsty. It can be especially challenging in South Carolina, where summers get hotter and drier every year. Luckily, drought-tolerant trees can help you make the most of your outdoor space with less water. Here we list five drought-tolerant trees for your garden as […]

How a Tree Service Company Does Root Rot Treatment for Trees

Shrub and Tree Care knows firsthand how destructive root rot can be. This soil-borne disease invades and kills a tree’s root system, making it impossible to take up water and nutrients. If left untreated, root rot will eventually kill the tree. To help you better understand how we tackle this serious problem, our experts are […]