Everyone loves a tidy yard, but many people don’t realize that proper tree trimming can make all the difference in achieving that desired outcome. Understanding the proper techniques to use when trimming trees can ensure that any trees on your property are healthy and growing. 

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Why Tree Trimming Is Crucial

Before learning how to trim trees, it’s crucial to understand why you need to cut in the first place. Many people trim their trees because they want the branches to grow a certain way or make the tree smaller or more visually appealing. However, there are various reasons why people opt to trim trees.

Regardless of why you trim your trees, you must complete the process safely and accurately. By taking the time to learn about all the techniques and tools available to you, you can perform high-quality tree trimming that benefits your property.

Right Technique: Using a Trim Saw

A trim saw is the best way to get a clean, professional cut when trimming trees. It’s a handheld saw that has a blade attached to an arm. To use it, you hold the saw against the tree and pull the trigger to cut. The blade’s sharp and metal teeth make quick work of trimming any branches on the tree that are in the way.

Quick Tip: Always use a drop cloth and a tarp when using a trim saw to protect yourself from falling branches.

Wrong Technique: Over-Pruning

One of the biggest tree trimming mistakes you can make is over-pruning your trees. Trees are like any other plant; they need room to grow.

If you prune too much, you may cut off the nutrients and water the tree needs to survive. This can make the tree weak and more vulnerable to disease and other problems, so avoiding over-pruning is a crucial aspect of improving tree trimming techniques.

Right Technique: Maintaining a Regular Schedule

It’s essential to maintain your trees regularly throughout the year. One of the benefits of hiring a professional tree service is that they will keep a regular schedule to maintain your trees for you.

Most professionals recommend pruning in the fall or late winter after the leaves have fallen off to prevent broken branches and to promote new growth in the spring. Still, the ideal schedule may depend on the types of mature trees on your property.

Get Help with Tree Trimming Today

Working with an experienced arborist can significantly reduce the burden of tree maintenance and ensure your trees look their best all year long by removing dead branches and minimizing yellow leaves. If you need help learning tree trimming techniques for a lateral branch or would like to learn more about trying to save diseased trees, the experts at Schneider Shrub and Tree Care are here to help.

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