How much water does a tree need? Give it too much, and the roots may suffocate, but give it too little, and it will dry out and die. If you need help finding the proper balance for your tree, Schneider Shrub and Tree Care can help.

As a leading tree service company in Hendersonville, NC, we know a thing or two about landscaping maintenance. Our experts are here to share some watering advice and tips so you can keep your trees healthy and thriving all season long.

Watch for the Signs

One of the best ways to know if your tree gets enough water is to pay attention to its leaves. If they wilt, droop, or curl, consider increasing your watering frequency. Other telltale signs to watch out for include:

A thirsty tree can weaken and become more susceptible to pests and disease. Always be on the lookout for early signs of water stress so you can take action quickly.

Watering Your Young Trees

How much water does a tree need? It largely depends on the size of your tree. Newly planted trees need more water than established ones because they have a smaller root system and haven’t yet developed the ability to tap into underground water sources.

During the first one to two years after planting, a good rule of thumb is to give your tree about 20 gallons of water weekly. You can get a five-gallon bucket and pour it over the drip zone (the area covered by the canopy) four times throughout the week.

Watering Your Mature Trees

Mature, healthy trees with deep tree roots require as little watering as once or twice a month. To see if it’s time to water, check the soil moisture by poking it with a screwdriver. If the screwdriver goes in easily and has soil sticking to it when you pull it out, you don’t need to water it yet.

Always account for the weather when watering your trees. If you live in an area that gets a good amount of rain, you can water less often. On the hottest summer days, you might need to water more frequently if you notice signs of stress.

The Right Way to Water

Always give your trees a deep watering. The goal is to encourage deep and extensive root systems that can better withstand periods of drought. You should also:

If you need more insight on “How much water does a tree need?” don’t hesitate to call Schneider Shrub and Tree Care. Our experts can assess your landscape’s needs and develop a customized plan to keep it healthy all season long.

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