Trees bring homeowners many joys. Besides adding beautiful colors, trees provide shade, cleaner air, and sometimes even bear fruit. Trees are also very resilient; most of the time, you only need to deal with a few broken branches. 

However, severe damage from strong winds or violent rainstorms may lead to a partially uprooted tree. Losing a tree is never fun. It can be a laborious or even expensive process.

This quick guide will explore the top reasons for uprooted trees. It will also examine whether it’s better to save or remove a partially uprooted tree. Our tree service experts in Spartanburg, SC, can help you save or remove your tree! 

Why Do Trees Get Uprooted? 

Many weather events can uproot a tree, including heavy winds, hurricanes, tornadoes, rainstorms, and even winter storms. 

For the first four examples, such severe damage almost happens instantly. For winter storms, however, accumulating ice or snow can split or uproot a tree days later. 

While a weather event’s severity plays a part, factors like tree roots, the durability of your tree’s wood, and crown shape often play a more prominent role. Common reasons for complete or partially uprooted trees include: 

When Should You Save or Remove Your Tree? 

A partially uprooted tree is a safety hazard; all it takes is a strong gust of wind to cause it to fall on your property or hurt someone passing by. Therefore, it’s essential to decide if you should try saving or replanting your tree or removing it altogether.

Of course, this decision hinges on the size of your tree. 

Larger Trees Need to Be Removed

Large, stately trees bring so much life, color, and shade to a yard. Unfortunately, these giant trees also have expansive root systems twice or three times their crown area’s circumference. 

When heavy winds or storms uproot these trees, the trees typically split down the middle. As a result, these trees become unable to properly balance themselves. Furthermore, repositioning them will probably require an expensive crane.

Smaller Trees Have a Chance

A tree less than ten feet tall has a better chance of getting saved. Carefully reposition your beloved tree, cover its exposed tree roots with plenty of soil, water it, and support it using a tree stake. 

It might take months for your tree to heal. However, having an arborist track its health and growth can help its recovery. 

Call Schneider Shrub and Tree Care Today 

No one wants to lose their favorite tree. When you have a partially uprooted tree, call Schneider Shrub and Tree Care. Our team of nearly 20 certified arborists can help you save or perform your tree removal.

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