5 Common Tree Diseases to Watch Out for in South Carolina

tree diseases

If you live in South Carolina and have trees on your property, it pays to know the common tree diseases that affect trees, so you can identify and treat infected trees promptly. Here, we examine five of the most common tree diseases seen by the arborists at Schneider Shrub and Tree Care tree services in Easley, […]

Do You Save or Remove a Partially Uprooted Tree?

partially uprooted tree

Trees bring homeowners many joys. Besides adding beautiful colors, trees provide shade, cleaner air, and sometimes even bear fruit. Trees are also very resilient; most of the time, you only need to deal with a few broken branches.  However, severe damage from strong winds or violent rainstorms may lead to a partially uprooted tree. Losing […]

Can a Diseased Tree Be Saved: When Is it too Late?

can a diseased tree be saved

It’s a common question that many property owners have: “Can a diseased tree be saved?” The answer, unfortunately, is not always black and white. Many factors go into whether or not we can save a dying tree, and it simply comes down to the tree’s age, health, and location. This blog post will explore when […]