Don't Let Your Shrubs & Trees Get Sick!

Protect Your Shrubs and Trees! Check Out Our Good, Better, and Best Healthcare Programs.

Urban stress weakens your trees and shrubs, which makes them more vulnerable to factors such as:

  • Soil compaction
  • Insects and pests
  • Root removal or damage
  • Construction stress
  • Nutrient deficiency
  • Drainage problems

“Why do my shrubs and trees need healthcare?” We’re glad you asked! You don’t have to care for all your trees and shrubs--just the ones you want to save.

Trees in the forest or out in the country don’t get special tree service healthcare and they seem to do just fine. But that’s because they are in an environment that is more friendly to their health and growth! Those trees generally have strong immune systems and can survive certain diseases and pests. But the trees in your yard or on your property are at a disadvantage.

A graph that displays all the incentives of each program that Schrub and Tree care offer.

A tree that would typically live about 100 years in a natural environment is lucky to make it to 30 years in an urban environment!

Your shrubs and trees are the most valuable part of your landscape. And healthy, mature shrubs and trees can increase property value by 5-18%!

Protect your investment by protecting your plants! Contact us now!

Protect Your Shrubs and Trees! Check Out Our Good, Better, and Best Healthcare Programs.

Good Healthcare Program

Our Good Healthcare Program keeps your shrubs and trees healthy by providing nutrition applications that supply the nutrients lost in an urban environment.

Better Healthcare Program

Our Better Healthcare Program supplements plant nutrition and solves most challenges with insects and pests.

Best Healthcare Program

Our Best Healthcare Program includes nutritional applications, pest and insect control, and disease and fungi treatments to promote holistic plant health.