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Learn about the kind of insects destroying your shrubs and trees.

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Aphids are usually green, yellow, or black and have pear-shaped bodies about 1/8 of an inch long. Aphids damage plants by stealing nutrients, transmitting diseases, and leaving waste that causes a fungus to form. An aphid infestation will cause curling, yellowing leaves, and stunted growth; if you see evidence of this, check the undersides of leaves for aphids.

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Borers are typically secondary pests, which means they are attracted to trees that are already damaged or diseased. They begin life as eggs laid in cracks of a tree and spend their first couple of years under the bark. Their burrowing can cause aesthetic problems, such as holes in the wood, or more serious problems that result in the loss of limbs or whole trees.

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Fall Cankerworm

North American hardwood trees such as ash, beech, birch, and maples are targets for fall cankerworms. This pest gets its name from the fact that it continues to feed on trees into late autumn, long past its spring larval stage in the spring. Fall cankerworms can often defoliate a whole tree.



Trees and shrubs need care just like you and I do. That’s why at Schneider Shrub and Tree Care, we offer customized care plans and dedicated service for you and your plants. We believe in preventative maintenance, and that means doing everything we can to keep your trees and shrubs healthy long before any severe weather, pesky insects, or harmful diseases strike. We also diagnose and treat existing diseases or infestations to restore your plants back to health. If your trees or shrubs need soil care, fertilization, or treatment for existing illnesses, you’ve come to the right place! From protection to diagnosis to treatment, we’ve got you covered. If your trees or shrubs need trimming or pruning, check out our other services at Schneider Tree Care.

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